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G-Line Fluorocarbon

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The Gamakatsu G-Line Fluorocarbon provides the perfect camouflage when targeting trout, bass, walleye and sea bass. The lines high breaking strain, outstanding abrasion properties and UV protection makes the G-Line Fluorocarbon an exceptional fishing line. The range of applications in which the line can be used is very versatile and opens a wide range of possibilities in both fresh and saltwater environments. Specialists use this line as a leader material to tie hooks or as a mainline on baitcasting reels.

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Due to the same light refraction factor as water, the fluorocarbon is barely visible to the fish.

Gamakatsu G-Line Fluorocarbon - Key Feature 01

Control Clip

For effortless unwinding of the spools fluorocarbon line.

Gamakatsu G-Line Fluorocarbon - Key Feature 02

Travel Box

Each fluorocarbon reel comes with a handy storage case.

Gamakatsu G-Line Fluorocarbon - Key Feature 03

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0,12mm / 1,04kg

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0,26mm / 4,3kg

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0,42mm / 10kg

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