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Skip Gap Shaky Head

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Gamakatsu is known for its innovative and functional hook design which is also the case with this model! However you want to call it, this particular type of fishing is quickly gaining popularity and is very effective when fishing with crayfish, worms or other softbaits. Especially when fishing for perch, zander and pike, the Skip Gap Shaky Head shows its strengths. The Shaky Head has a unique hook shape that holds the bait perfectly on the hook. This is the biggest advantage of this new jig head. The oversized 'angles' provide certainty that the bait is securely fixed. The special hook arc hooks the fish exceptionally fast and quickly springs back to its original shape without breaking.

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Hook Arc

Wide hook arc provides an optimum hook set.

Skip Gap Shaky Head - Gamakatsu

Skip Gap

Offset hook shank

Skip Gap Shaky Head - Gamakatsu

Hook Barb

Provides added support and hold

Skip Gap Shaky Head - Gamakatsu

Jig Head

Ideal weight for optimum action of the lure

Skip Gap Shaky Head - Gamakatsu

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