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by Gamakatsu

Warning Shot

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The Gamakatsu Warning Shot is an excellent choice when fishing for zander and big perch. Designed to be fished in a variety of ways, this jig has a weed guard to allow you to fish between weeds or other obstacles. Its large volume makes it a protein-rich snack for large predators. The long strands dance around even when stationary, emitting slight pressure waves. Similar to a Ned rig, the lure stands upright on the bottom and can be fitted with an optional trailer.

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Hook Arc

Wide hook bend ensures ideal entry angle

Key Features - Gamakatsu Warning Shot - 01


Protection from weeds and hangers.

Key Features - Gamakatsu Warning Shot - 02


Provides additional hold in the fish's mouth

Key Features - Gamakatsu Warning Shot - 03

Short Shank

Short hook bend

Key Features - Gamakatsu Warning Shot - 04


Long fringes

Key Features - Gamakatsu Warning Shot - 05

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