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by Gamakatsu

G-Power Premium Braid Neo 135m

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The G-Power Premium Braid Neo is a 4 x Braided Line. The new ultra-pitch braid structure makes the line feel more supple which minimizes friction, abrasion, and noise on the reels spool and in the rings of the rod. The line itself is highly sensitive and precisely guides each bite from the lure to the rod blank for a quick response from the angler. The perfect balance between suppleness and comfortable stiffness makes casting effortless and tangle-free. The G-Power Premium Braid Neo is a high quality braided line made and spooled in Japan.

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Supplied on a matching 135m Gamakatsu line spool perfect for keeping your G-Power Premium braid organised and ready for when you need it most.

Gamakatsu - G-Power Premium Braid Neo

Braided Line

Supple and sensitive for improved bite detection.

Gamakatsu - G-Power Premium Braid Neo


High load-bearing capacity with a small diameter.

Gamakatsu - G-Power Premium Braid Neo

Product Overview

Braided Line

Breaking Strains
0,09mm / 6,3kg
0,12mm / 7,2kg
0,13mm / 8,4kg
0,16mm / 9,1kg
0,18mm / 11,4kg
0,21mm / 16,7kg
0,23mm / 22,2kg

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