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G-Rod Case


The Gamakatsu G-Rod case is a semi-hard rod case with storage space for two set up rods and reels. Manufactured from durable Nylon 1650D, the G-Rod case is made to withstand harsh weather environments. Also included in the rod case are 12 x Gamakatsu neoprene rod bands for keeping your rods organised together.


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The rod case’s handle grip is perfectly balanced when fully packed.

Gamakatsu - G-Rod Case - Key Features

Shoulder Strap

The Gamakatsu Rod Case can be comfortably carried over the shoulder when travelling longer distances to your spot.

Gamakatsu - G-Rod Case - Key Features

Storage / Neoprene Rod Bands

12 x Gamakatsu branded neoprene rod bands are included in every rod case. Ideal for keeping your rods sectioned together and organized. Up to 2 x setup rods can fit securely within the rod case.

Gamakatsu - G-Rod Case - Key Features

Product Overview

- Made from heavy-duty Nylon 1650D.

Carry Straps - Features a durable and padded shoulder strap and carry grip.

Durable - Made from heavy duty Nylon 1650D.

Storage - Features two compartments to store two set up rods.

Rod Bands - Includes 12 x Gamakatsu branded neoprene rod bands perfect for keeping rods sections organised.

Dimensions -
Height: 150cm
Length: 24cm
Width: 15cm

6207-600 Total Weight: 3.15kg

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G-Rod Case

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