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by Gamakatsu

Gamakatsu Akilas Extra Heavy Jig

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The Gamakatsu Akilas rod range ranks among one of the best rod series Gamakatsu have ever launched on the market. The Akilas XH blanks have a strong backbone with an extra fast tip action, perfect for casting larger lures such as swimbaits, big minnows and medium to large soft baits on a heavy jig head. The carbon fibre blanks durability holds up when fighting even the large predators, allowing you to focus on the fight.

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Key Features

Each rod is built on craftsmanship and trust. For years the Gamakatsu Akilas rod range has been tried, tested and trusted by anglers throughout Europe.

- Outfitted with Fuji® Tangle-Free K-guide setting and Fuji® VSS reel seat.

- Rod blanks are manufactured from a premium full-carbon material.

- The butt section features a soft-touch, anti-slip grip.

- Two-section rod with integrated cork grip.

- Perfect for targeting perch, pike and zander.

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