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Gamakatsu Areatry Rods

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The Gamakatsu Areatry rod range is ideal for ultra-lightweight trout fishing. Each rod is fitted with a high-end Fuji reel seat, Fuji guides and manufactured from 24T carbon. The rods have a subtle, parabolic action that enhances the casting performance with ultra-lightweight lures. Another advantage is that small, cautious trout notice little to no resistance when nibbling bait, which provides more time to hook the fish.

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Key Features

- Made from 24T Carbon Fibre carefully engineered to create a fast and responsive rod range.

- Built for Ultra Light angling. Each rod features highly parabolic blanks making angling with even the smallest softbaits a pleasure. The carbon fibre blanks are highly sensitive and feature a thin yet durable blank structure, perfect for Ultra Light Trout Fishing.

- Each rod within the Areatry range are equipped with a High-End Fuji Reel Seat & Fuji Single Leg Guides.

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