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The Gamakatsu LS 3423F is a special hook with a vertical eye and is ideal for converting wobblers to single hooks.

More and more anglers are looking for a fish-friendly single hook to convert their lures. This is a must on most trout lakes if you want to use your favourite wobblers and spoons. But sea trout and predator anglers are also discovering the benefits of single hooks on spinners and artificial lures.

On the one hand, it is not so easy to " hook" undersized fish in the mouth so that they can be released much more easily and gently, and on the other hand, there are often significantly fewer snags with a single hook on the bait. On the other hand, the fish often hang more securely than on a treble hook.

With the LS-3423F, Gamakatsu now offers the right hook for rigging wobblers with the perfect hook. Different hooks are required depending on whether the eyelets of the wobbler are positioned lengthways or crossways to the swimming direction.

The Gamakatsu LS-3423 single hook has its eye along the bend of the hook, making it particularly suitable for rigging wobblers with eyelets across the swim when the hook is connected by a snap ring. By using a second snap ring, this hook can also be rigged to cross-eyed wobblers without getting out of line.

The LS 3423F is equipped with a particularly large eye. This virtually eliminates the possibility of snagging and the hook always hangs freely on the lure.

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Hook Arc

Wide hook bend ensures ideal entry angle

Key Features - LS-3423F


Eyelet lengthwise towards the hook.

Key Features - LS-3423F - 02

Hook Point

Sharp Gamakatsu hook point.

Key Features - LS-3423F - 02

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