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by Gamakatsu

Wacky Head

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The Gamakatsu Wacky Head features an additional rubber skirt that provides underwater vibrations for even the most subtle movements. Wacky Heads are commonly paired with a rubber worm to create a fluttering action when fished. In many cases, however, the rubber trims on the hook shank are already sufficient to provoke predatory fish to bite.


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Rubber Skirts

The flexible rubber skirts create very fine vibrations and a luring action underwater.

Gamakatsu Wacky Head - Key Features

4 Colours

Find the right colour for your angling preferences.

Gamakatsu Wacky Head - Key Features

Gamakatsu Hook

The large hook arc provides enough space to attach an additional softbait.

Gamakatsu Wacky Head - Key Features

Wacky Head

The narrow head cuts through the water effortlessly and displays an enticing action with the slightest of movements.

Gamakatsu Wacky Head - Key Features

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