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by Gamakatsu

Worm 330

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Offset hooks such as the Gamakatsu Worm 330 are the preferred hooks for fishing in spots with a high risk of snagging. Worm 330 hooks are perfect for finesse fishing techniques, jigging and angling in weedy areas. The Gamakatsu 330 hook has a wide arc that will effectively set in the fish's mouth while staying secured thanks to the sharp barb which provides additional grip.

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Hook Specifications

(A) Hook Gape
(B) Shank Length



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Large eyelet for tying the leader.

Gamakatsu Hook - Worm 330 - Key Features

Hook Arc

Large hook arc for increased efficiency.

Gamakatsu Hook - Worm 330 - Key Features

Tip & Barb

As with all Gamakatsu Hooks, you can expect reliability, durability and a world-class, ultra-sharp hook point.

Gamakatsu Hook - Worm 330 - Key Features

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